Designed in Sydney, Australia. Each rope features a nature-inspired block colour


Effortlessly adjustable for any height or workout, never wasting a moment to jump


Long, slim handles extend the arms while the silicone skin provides a secure grip


Interchangeable parts enable personalisation and extend product longevity

Silicone Skin

The innovative feature of the LUPE rope hugs the inner tube of the handle, creating a luxurious feel and a secure grip for better comfort and control.

The silicone skin is interchangeable, enabling personalisation and extending the life of the product.

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Style and comfort in the palm of your hands

Learn to LUPE

Receive a Learn to LUPE® e-guide with any rope purchase. In this detailed guide, you will learn the fundamentals of jump rope, from adjusting your rope to practising the correct technique. It also features 10 skill tutorials to get you on your way to a happy and healthier you.

"We wanted to create a jump rope that you could feel good using anywhere"

— Luke Boon - Co-Founder